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New Hampshire Explores Model Assessments in the Arts

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    • Cheryl Poole
      Cheryl Poole

      In this article, author Molly Gottcshalk raises the issue of considering the crucial contexts in which arts students are assessed. She writes “How do you compare a student who has access to art class five days a week with one who only takes it on Mondays, a classroom lined with shelves of ample art supplies to one filled with students who are deprived even the most basic implements with which to express themselves, or art teachers afforded varying levels of training?” Having the data that adequately describes the arts programs in your school “allows schools to size up resources, socioeconomic factors, cultures, capital expenditure—why do some students perform better than others?” Its a challenge to get to the kind of data but not impossible. Teachers who worked for the MAEIA project devised a program review tool that helps arts leaders, coordinators and other educators assess seven dimensions of an arts program. The version at this link is a field-test version but you can advance through that portion to get to the important dimensions of your program.


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