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Teaching Critical Thinking

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    • Edutopia produced this article on Using the Arts to Teach Critical Thinking.

      MAEIA educators know something about that, right?


    • Tammi Browning

      I believe that transfer of learning and key habits of mind are taught effectively through the arts. Transfer of knowledge is the base of these hands-on, kinesthetic classes. As art teachers, we naturally promote transfer of learning and habits of mind through supervising student work on drama production sets, marching band props, homecoming activities, and painting murals in the building. We are conscious of cross-curricular, discipline-based art education that involves communication with other teachers and forming units consisting of projects that involve concepts being taught in their classrooms. We provide students with real-life challenges, to which they must analyze and solve problems using mathematical reasoning, writing skills, and working together in group collaboration. The arts, by nature, provide rich authentic experiences. Through creating a curriculum rich with exciting real-life experiences, we contribute to helping to solve today’s challenges.


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