Program Review Tool

The Michigan Arts Education Program Review tool is a self-study tool for districts and schools to use to analyze their own arts education program.

What is the Michigan Arts Education Program Review Tool?

The Program Review Tool is a self-study tool that schools and districts can use to analyze and reflect on the status of their own arts education program.

Based on the Michigan Blueprint of a Quality Arts Education Program, the Program Review Tool can provide useful information about the nature of an arts education program and can become the basis for enhancing arts education in the context of school improvement.

The PRT empowers School and District Leaders to:

Understand Impact

Understand the impact of your arts education programs in dance, music, theatre and visual arts.

Describe Involvement

Describe the current level of student involvement with the arts.

Align Resources

Align resources to areas of need.

Improve Program

Improve your arts education programs and participation in them.

Program Review Field Testing

New online PRT is under development. Field testing is January – April, 2018.

Download the Written PRT PDF

What is the purpose?

MAEIA is conducting a field test of the Arts Education Program Review Tool to gather data about the new online version of the tool. (A paper version was previously field-tested and is available.) The field test will give MAEIA staff useful data about user-friendliness and functionality of the online tool as well as information about participants’ overall experiences with the PRT process. Information collected will be used to improve the online tool and supporting resources for the PRT for schools/districts.

What is required?

The field test requires a small team (a couple of teachers and the curriculum director are recommended) to complete the MAEIA Program Review Tool on-line and provide feedback on its quality. The data provided will be confidential and will not be reported publicly to anyone. After the field test is completed, each school will receive a report of the information it submits.

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