Promote Student Learning

Quality arts programming for all Michigan students is essential for them to receive a complete and comprehensive education.

The Michigan Arts Education Instruction and Assessment Project (MAEIA)

MAEIA was developed to support Michigan school districts, school buildings, educators, and the public in implementing a high quality arts education program in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts for all students.  The use of MAEIA resources by educators is voluntary.

MAEIA is comprised of the following resources to improve programs, instruction and assessment:

Michigan Blueprint of a Quality Arts Education Program – a goal-setting document for arts education program and school improvement purposes

Blueprint – Michigan Arts Education Blueprint Research and Recommendations – a companion document to the Blueprint

Michigan Arts Education Program Review Tool – a self-study tool for districts and schools

Michigan Arts Education Assessment Specifications and Model Assessments – a set of recommendations and collection of performance assessments in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts

Using MAEIA Assessments for Educator Effectiveness

MAEIA assessments also have the potential for use in educator evaluation plans. It is recommended that the data demonstrating student learning gleaned from the MAEIA assessments be combined with a variety of information about the individual educator. Each MAEIA assessment is marked as appropriate for Method 1, 2 or 3 in measuring educator effectiveness.

Using MAEIA Assessments for Educator Effectiveness

MAEIA Model Assessments

Model assessments are exemplary models of arts assessments and contain examples of how one could be scored. Choose a discipline to filter the assessments.