What is MAEIA?

Michigan Arts Education Instruction and Assessment (MAEIA) is a leading state and national resource for arts education, helping to ensure that every student receives high-quality arts learning as part of a well-rounded education. MAEIA helps K-12 educators:

  • Improve the quality of arts education programs;
  • Monitor and improve student learning in the arts;
  • Support professional practice and improve teacher effectiveness; and
  • Advance arts as a key element of a well-rounded education.

Who is MAEIA for?


MAEIA is for Teachers

MAEIA resources are high-quality, user-friendly, field-tested, and adaptable to your needs.

Used together, they strengthen student performance, enhance program development, and help you demonstrate your value as an arts educator.

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MAEIA is for Administrators

MAEIA resources, tools, and professional learning can help your school/district implement high-quality K-12 arts programs.

MAEIA is the first statewide project to create a comprehensive one-stop-shop of tools and resources that can help K-12 districts answer key questions and better serve students through the arts.

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and State Agencies

MAEIA is for State Education Agencies

MAEIA arts education resources were commissioned by the Michigan Department of Education and developed by the Michigan Assessment Consortium.

While originally developed for Michigan educators, they are also available (at no cost) to other state education agencies and school systems in any state.

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The MAEIA Project was commissioned by the Michigan Department of Education in support of local districts and school efforts to provide the highest quality arts education to Michigan students K-12.

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