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Recognition of MAEIA Performance Assessments
by the Education Commonwealth Project

Michigan was one of four states included in a report about performance assessment systems produced by the Education Commonwealth Project. View the report at the link below, and share it with colleagues and your administrators to communicate the quality of the MAEIA arts performance assessments and the breadth of accompanying resources and supports available.

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NEW! Formative Assessment in the Arts

Arts educators are invited to join the Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators (FAME) program as members of a statewide FAME Arts Team for 2023-24.

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Keep going! Better Together in the Arts

Join our growing professional learning community for arts educators! You’ll participate in a mastermind group of peers, sharing resources and insights, and enjoying support for their personal and professional well-being. This year’s focus is social-emotional learning in the arts, instruction and assessment, and advocacy efforts. Runs from October to June each school year.

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Our Project Management Team

The MAEIA Project Management Team is a diverse group of experts in the areas of the arts, assessment, curriculum, instruction, data collection and technology.

MAEIA Project Management Team

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