The Michigan Blueprint of a Quality Arts Program, the Arts Program Review Tool, and the Research and Recommendations compendium provide a road-map for voluntary arts program improvement in Michigan schools.

Identify the needs of your arts program

Use the Arts Education Program Review Tool–a research-based, online self-study tool–to compare your current arts program to the criteria described in the Michigan Blueprint of a Quality Arts Program and identify program strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Develop a plan for your arts program and connect it with continuous improvement

Prioritize the needs for improvement identified from your Program Review Tool results and create an action plan for strengthening your school/district arts program. You can also use data about your arts program to help shape continuous improvement goals and strategies in your school and/or district.

Foster meaningful conversations about arts education in your school and district

Your Program Review Tool results will assist you in having meaningful conversations about arts education with your colleagues, administrators, school improvement team, and school board that can  help foster a district-wide commitment to arts learning.


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How do I get started with the Arts Education Program Review Tool (PRT)?

Familiarize yourself with the purpose of the PRT, browse related resources, and register for an account. After you submit your account registration, PRT software administrators will review your information and either approve your account or send you any questions they may have. This step is necessary to ensure that only Michigan educators are given access to the PRT software. Once your account is activated, you can get started on gathering information about your school or district arts program(s) and entering it in the software.

Why should I use the MAEIA tools and assessments?

More than 1,000 arts educators contributed to development of the MAEIA resources. The resources are high-quality, user- friendly, field-tested, and adaptable to your needs. Used together, they strengthen student performance, enhance program development, and help you demonstrate your value as an arts educator. And, they are available at no cost.

Who is using the MAEIA Resources?

MAEIA resources are used by teachers and districts throughout Michigan and beyond.

Who created the MAEIA resources?

The Michigan Assessment Consortium leads the MAEIA Project with support from the Michigan Depart­ment of Education. Professional learning is supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

How can I become involved in MAEIA?

Browse our free resources and check out our events!  And, contact us to join a community of practice or schedule professional learning.



This video explains MAEIA's Arts Education Program Review Tool (PRT), and shows you how to get started in reviewing your school's or district's arts program as part of your Michigan Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP).

In 2011-12, the Michigan Youth Arts Leadership Roundtable conducted a statewide survey of arts education that provided baseline data at the school building level. That set the stage for MAEIA to create a process and a set of tools that will help districts understand excellence in arts education, and to evaluate and improve arts education programs in support of education of the whole child.

Marianne Dorais, Executive Director Michigan Youth Arts, 2013