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Are these standardized tests for the arts?

Yes. The MAEIA assessments are standardized--they are measures of student performance with a predefined set of assessment administration procedures and a defined set of student products to be evaluated using a pre-defined set of teacher scoring rubrics--but they are different from the standardized tests you may be familiar with. Rather than interrupt instruction, the MAEIA performance assessments are intended to be used as instruction is occurring, to document growth in student learning. The MAEIA assessment design is that arts educators will select a few of these rich, project-based, curriculum-embedded performance assessments to use in their classrooms. Rather than the state (or anyone else) selecting assessments for you, it is up to each teacher to select the MAEIA assessments that fit his/her already-planned instruction, and to use the assessments when and how they will be most useful to the individual teacher.

I have read through the assessment items and wonder, “Who teaches this way?”

In any discipline, there are many approaches to content selection and delivery. There are also commonalities. We hope you find assessment items that suit your existing curriculum but also inspire you to expand your repertoire in delivering content.

Who has created these assessments?

Professional educators from all over the state of Michigan and from all levels of education have collaborated in developing the assessment items. In using these items, you are backed by professionals in your field who share your values and concerns in student, teacher, and program achievement.

Must I follow the script and the duration of time listed in the booklet?

No. The language and the length of times listed in the teacher booklets are guides to assist in your planning and proctoring of the assessments.

Why should I use the MAEIA tools and assessments?

By using the blueprint, program review tool and/or model assessments, you place yourself in the company of educators and affiliated partners who demonstrate the highest of professional standards and commitment to the arts in Michigan.

How are the items used for common assessment?

When you and your colleagues within a single discipline or within a department select the same assessment items, and agree to use the items in the same way and for the same purpose, they become common assessments.

Can someone help me think through how to implement the MAEIA work into my teaching?

Yes. We will be holding face-to-face and webinar meetings on a variety of topics. You may also contact us if you have questions.

How do I become involved in MAEIA?

Contact us to start the conversation!

Have these assessments been created with NDEO?

No, however we share the same vision as NDEO in regard to elevating quality and access to the arts in schools.

Why do so many of the assessments feature recording of student work?

Capturing all of a student's skills in a single viewing or listening can be challenging, so we recommend recording assessments for subsequent viewings but also as a means for collecting evidence to support data on student growth and teacher effectiveness.

Have the MAEIA model assessments been created in collaboration with NAfME?

No, however MAEIA and NAfME share goals of advancing music education in schools.

Can the prompts be changed to reflect the genres represented in my class?

Yes, most of the assessments can be easily adapted to use a different selection of music, movement, or media. In doing so, you may also provide us with feedback on how you changed the item so we may identify improvements and update the assessments as we see fit.

Can the prompts be differentiated to accommodate varying reading levels?

Yes, we encourage you to adapt the materials to suit the needs of students. In doing so, you may also provide us with feedback on how you changed the item so we may identify improvements and update the assessments as we see fit.

How can the MAEIA model assessments assist in the enhancement of a student portfolio?

By selecting a variety of assessments, you may find the variety of work to be included with a student portfolio is enriched. You may also find applying a single assessment to multiple projects offers a through-line in choosing the order of portfolio items.

Have the Visual Arts Model Assessments been created in collaboration with NAEA?

No, however MAEIA and NAEA share the goal of elevating access and quality of the Visual Arts in Schools.

Have the Theatre Model Assessments been created in collaboration with the AATE?

No, however MAEIA and AATE share the common goal of advancing theatre education in the schools.