Dispelling Myths and Providing Resources for Scoring, Reporting, and Demonstrating Educator Effectiveness

By Heather Vaughan-Southard

The MAEIA Demonstrating Educator Effectiveness page is here!

The page outlines the process an educator moves through in the planning, implementing, and presenting evidence of their effectiveness; complete with supporting materials organized according to each stage of the process.

While there, scroll down to find our video modules and tutorials, including a brand new recorded webinar on Scoring and Reporting the MAEIA Assessments.

This webinar addresses common myths in scoring and reporting assessments including:

-The arts are too subjective to score objectively

-Scoring and grading serve the same purpose

-There is one best way to record and interpret data

-Teachers always know which students to profile

And as always, let us know how these resources are impacting your thinking and your practice! Comment on social media, our community forum, or reply to this post!

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