Changing Directions

Students will vary a dance phrase by making changes in the elements of dance—time, space, and energy. The movement phrase can be patterned in numerous ways to meet different student skills and abilities. Students should have learned and mastered the ability to perform the movement patterns prior to this assessment. For purposes of this assessment, the following combination patterns will be used:

Movement Pattern 1—Step hop right, step hop left, run right, run left, run right, run left. Students will need to learn this combination pattern starting on the right foot. Students will also need to learn this combination pattern starting on the left foot.

Movement Pattern 2—Walk right, walk left, walk right, walk left (end with feet together), jump both feet out, jump both feet in, jump both feet out, jump both feet in.

This item has been voluntarily field-tested by Michigan teachers with a non-representative sample of students.

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