Communicating an Idea

This is an analytic rubric. The column on the left shows the dimension that is being measured in the student’s performance. The levels across the top row indicate the performance level in the dimensions. Occasionally all dimensions and performance levels are exemplified by multiple students in a single recording.


  • Dimension
  • Artwork Intention/Ideas

  • Use of materials, tools, techniques and skills

  • Reflection

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • Some elements relate to chosen theme; most elements look vague or not focused on developing any consistent response to a theme.

    N/A at this time.
  • Most elements of artwork relate to chosen theme; some elements are arbitrary or general.

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  • All elements of artwork clearly relate to chosen theme. Shows the relationship to the theme with a more generalized exploration than from a unique point of view.

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  • All elements of art clearly relate to a chosen theme; individual, nuanced point of view within theme shown through specificity; unique point of view, specific story, or emotion is represented.

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  • Composition is arbitrary or random, lacks intentional balance, or does not consider use of space. Minimal or random development in final step.

    N/A at this time.
  • Composition is well designed, but lacks overall development or unity through use of drawing in final step of development (after collage is in place).

    N/A at this time.
  • Composition is mostly complete, but use of figure and ground is less than fully considered and unified. Some spaces lack effective development or integration.

    N/A at this time.
  • Overall composition is complete. Effective use of figure and ground. Space is fully considered. Unity is developed between collaged images and ground through shape and color.

    N/A at this time.
  • Identifies theme. Minimal ability to describe decisions made in use of elements to address theme.

    N/A at this time.
  • Identifies theme and clearly relates it to artwork in generalized terms.

    N/A at this time.
  • Identifies theme and emotion expressed; able to relate expression to art elements using more than one specific example from artwork. Communicates content in clear, concise language.

    N/A at this time.
  • Identifies theme, and specific story, point of view, or emotional response; identifies rationale for major choices: color, composition, shape, and imagery. Communicates content in clear, concise language.

    N/A at this time.
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