Improvisation, Writing, and Reflecting

The teacher will assign students to groups of four, each comprised of two pairs of students. These groups will select a topic and outline a short scene based on this topic.

The students will complete basic information about the scene on an outline sheet. Pairs of students will take turns acting out their improvisations based on the scene outline and receive feedback from the other pair of students in their group of four. Each group will then use the feedback to revise their outlines.

This assessment has four parts to it:
o Part 1–Assessment Questions (10 minutes)
o Part 2–Selection of Scene Topic and Writing of Scene Creation Worksheet (15 minutes)
o Part 3–Presentation and Feedback Discussion with Another Pair of Students in the
Improvisation Group (15 minutes)
o Part 4–Revision of Outline (10 minutes)

This item has not been field-tested by Michigan teachers.

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