Daunted by Curriculum Design? MAEIA Offers Support

By Amy Pobanz

One of the most challenging tasks for an arts educator to consider is the scope and sequence of curriculum. MAEIA has developed curriculum map samples in the areas of dance, visual arts, theatre, and music to support your work in planning for and mapping curriculum relevant to remote, hybrid, and modified in-person instruction. The maps help you to see where the MAEIA Performance Assessments might support your teaching practice in any of your current teaching environments.

This article will specifically discuss the visual arts curriculum map. This curriculum map sample was designed to support K-12 visual arts educators and offers three models that address delivery in year-long, semester, and trimester course structures. MAEIA assessments have been paired with each instructional concept and are identifiable by grade band. The length of study for instructional concepts has been adjusted for each model presented. Additionally, the National Core Arts Standards and accompanying enduring understandings have been aligned with the instructional concepts and MAEIA assessments.

Big ideas and enduring understandings were used to align the MAEIA assessments with the mapped learning concepts. Many of the assessments, however, could be used to support and/or assess multiple learning concepts. Educators are encouraged to select the assessment(s) they feel most appropriately align with their instructional goals.

Please consider the curriculum maps to be open source documents. The curriculum maps are offered in PDF and Word versions so they can be adapted and shared. Teachers are encouraged to download or make a copy of the curriculum map file. Teachers may then edit the map to support the instructional delivery and design of the courses they teach. Each teacher can develop a scope and sequence that feels authentic to their teaching practice. Teachers may choose to add more detail or instructional components to the maps. They may choose to add specific lessons, units, vocabulary, etc.  The MAEIA curriculum maps are offered as a starting point in thinking about curriculum mapping. Additional “starter” resources, such as instructional plans related to select MAEIA performance assessments will soon be published.

MAEIA believes strongly in providing you with tools to support your instructional practice. As you review the assessments that have been aligned with learning concepts in the curriculum map, remember you may download and edit the assessment to tailor it to your instructional practice as well.

We have started a Curriculum Mapping topic in the MAEIA Arts Lounge. In this virtual space, you may connect with other arts educators to discuss and share arts resources and instructional practices. Look for the thread on Curriculum Mapping for additional support in designing the scope and sequence of your curriculum.

Amy Lynne Pobanz is a visual arts educator and MAEIA Leadership Fellow with over 20 years of experience teaching in traditional, virtual, and blended learning environments.

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