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Arts Education is Essential

This unified statement of support for arts education has been reviewed and endorsed by 53 national arts and education organizations.

“Teaching and learning will never quite be the same in our post-COVID-19 world. However, our commitment to provide rich and varied educational experiences remains unwavering. The arts have played an important role in these tumultuous times and will continue to do so for all students, including the traditionally underrepresented, those with special needs, and from low-income families.”

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Sample Resources for the Art of Teaching

We’ve developed new resources for curriculum mapping and instructional plans in Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts! Designed to serve as a reference and a source of inspiration to spark your own thinking, we hope you’ll adapt these resources to best suit your classroom needs.

The curriculum maps, made specifically to reflect the atypical 2020-21 academic year,  show the NCAS standards, enduring ideas, strands of Create, Respond, and Perform, SEL competencies, and connections to MAEIA assessments. The MAEIA performance assessments linked within each of these maps adapt well for remote, hybrid, and modified in-person instruction. Read a blog post about our curriculum maps.

The lesson ideas—for both lower and upper grade levels–are based on MAEIA assessments and were designed specifically for adaptation to learning outside of the classroom.  Instructional plans are coming soon!

Be sure to check out MAEIA’s flexible assessments — performance assessments that you can easily modify for whatever mode of instruction you’re using, whether remote, hybrid, or in-person.







Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Resources for Remote, Hybrid, and Modified In-person Learning Models

Browse these great resources about safety and advocacy of arts programs, teaching the arts remotely, and ideas for families to engage in arts learning from home.

Multiple Disciplines
Visual Arts

MAEIA’s New Professional Learning Opportunities Support Remote Learning and More!

Our FREE MAEIA Arts Lounge forum allows educators to convene and collaborate virtually to develop effective strategies for engagement, instruction, and assessment in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.

The members-only Better Together in the Arts adds options for participating in a mastermind group of peers, sharing resources and insights, and enjoying the support needed for their own personal and professional well-being. Learn more and register!

Blogs & Online Sources

Our blog features the contributions of MAEIA affiliates and news about the MAEIA project. Journals, blogs, and online sources are listed, too.

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