The Practice of Adaptation: A Series in Four Disciplines, Part 2 Using MAEIA Performance Assessments for Online Teaching

By Heather Vaughan-Southard, Joni Starr, Amy Pobanz, Cathy DePentu

As stated before, we find ourselves in unprecedented times and with the possibility of adapting your teaching to online platforms, we at MAEIA are here for you.

In a previous posting we asked educators to review the MAEIA performance assessments and share those that might work as reverse engineering for lesson planning. Now, we have gone one step further and suggested some lesson ideas.

These lesson ideas were designed specifically for adaptation to learning outside of the classroom. There are suggestions for online learning, learning by mail, and learning by phone. The Fine Arts disciplines of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Art are included with a lesson idea for lower and upper grade levels.

In the very least, we hope these lesson ideas help spark your thinking about how teaching Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Art can exist within a digital environment.

We truly hope to provide resources and support to arts teachers at this unique time of learning. To that end, we also invite you to share what you are doing to adapt to this differentiated learning in the time of COVID 19. Find us on Facebook and Twitter, comment with your favorite links or anecdotes. We are all in this together!

Dance Lesson Idea

Music Lesson Idea

Theatre Lesson Idea

Visual Arts Lesson Idea

Contributing authors: Heather Vaughan Southard, Joni Starr, Amy Pobanz, and Cathy DePentu

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