Professional Learning

Great educators never stop learning. Access professional development tools provided by MAEIA and other hosts, along with materials to support your teaching and portfolio-building.

Professional Learning Opportunities to Inspire and Support Educators in the Arts

“At its core, professional learning is the key component to improving educator practice and providing new perspectives on an ever-changing profession. While most content has remained consistent throughout time, instructional design, educational policy, and classroom tools and structures have been in constant motion.”

“Professional Learning Opportunities and the Teachers They Create”,  Edutopia  Andrew Marcinek, Director of Technology and Co-founder

MAEIA Video Modules

Explore video modules that explain the purpose of the MAEIA assessments and how to effectively use them.

Module 1 - Introduction to the MAEIA Project PPT

Module 2 - Overview of the MAEIA Assessments PPT

Module 4 - Selecting MAEIA Assessments PPT

Module 5 - Navigating the MAEIA Website PPT

Module 6 - Administering the MAEIA Assessments PPT

Module 7 - Scoring and Reporting the MAEIA Assessments PPT

Module 8 - Using the MAEIA Assessments to Demonstrate Educator Effectiveness PPT


Explore our selection of MAEIA training, informative and inspirational videos.

FAQ MAEIA Assessments

MAEIA full promotional video

MAEIA Dance promotional video

MAEIA Music promotional video

MAEIA Theatre promotional video

MAEIA Visual Arts promotional video

MAEIA Scoring Webinar from Feb. 29, 2016

MAEIA Teacher Effectiveness Webinar from May 9, 2016


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Demonstrating Educator Effectiveness Pilot Face-to-face Meeting

May 24, 2017 @ 9:00 am

Season 1 participants of the Demonstrating Educator Effectiveness Pilot Program will gather at the MAC offices to discuss the process and next steps.

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